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Take a look at the official map below...

The coloured markers show both existing and planned windfarms in our region.

You’ll see that hundreds of wind turbines are concentrated in the South Vienne, while most of the remaining Nouvelle Aquitaine remains almost clear, both to the north and south of us.....

region map

Mauprévoir is already surrounded, but dozens more giant wind turbines are planned. Within a 15km radius of Mauprévoir, there will be 105 in total, with 77 new industrial turbines planned for St Martin l’Ars, Pressac, Availles Limouzine, Usson, Le Vigeant, l’Isle Jourdain, Millac, Château Garnier, Champniers, Savigné, Genouillé, Champagné-St-Hilaire, Chatain, Pleuville et Hiesse.

eolian in mauprevoir map

The future of our village and its neighbouring municipalities – our environment, heritage and ability to attract new inhabitants – are all seriously threatened.

Is it fair that the South Vienne and North Charente are so penalised, versus the rest of Vienne and Nouvelle Aquitaine?  

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