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Keeping our village alive!

wind turbines planned for mauprevoir

Mauprevoir to get turbines!
Our Prefecture has approved a plan to erect giant wind turbines which will dominate our village.

But the fight is not over!

Support us in the fight to secure Mauprevoir's future as a living village

To see how our village would be dominated by wind turbines.. click HERE


11 wind turbines proposed for Mauprevoir - 105 within 15km

Is this the future you want for our village?
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We treasure Mauprevoir’s environment and want to keep it alive

Heritage – countryside - farming - tourism – wildlife – charm and tranquility
Your quality of life and the value of your real estate

Mauprévoir Environnement is an Association of enthusistic and concerned local residents dedicated to


Today, eleven gigantic wind turbines, up to 184 meters in height, are proposed for Mauprevoir, to dominate our village and seriously threaten the environment, our quality of life and the value of our properties.

We support a transition to renewable energy. But we object to having all Nouvelle Aquitaine’s wind turbines concentrated in one small area – the South Vienne.

It is almost impossible to travel anywhere in the South Vienne without seeing these massive turbines in the fields - often just 500 meters from people's homes.

Our Map page shows how many turbines either exist or are planned for the area around Mauprévoir.

  • Why are they all here?
  • Why are there none in the south of Nouvelle Aquitaine?
  • How will Mauprevoir survive as a living village, attract new families or even tourists, protect its wildlife and heritage - all the aspects of the peaceful, traditional life we know and love?
  • Is it not our duty to pass these on - unspoilt - to future generations?

Please browse this site to learn about the proliferation of wind turbines and its financing. Remember – wherever you live in Mauprevoir, you’re likely to be in sight of them!

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